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Join the wave of customers that are leveraging Evati’spowerful and easy to use tools and algorithms to save and invest for a brighter future.  In addition to tools, Evati also offers educational articles on our Inspire blog to help you envision ways to start building real wealth by making small changes to how you save, invest and plan for your future.

The chart below is described in detail in our Who wants to be a millionaire article.  To learn more about how to visualize the long term impact of compounding and investing you can also read how Compounding Interest Is Your Rocketship to Financial Freedom.

Power of Investing

* The returns shown in this chart assume an annual rate of return of 8.5% combined with regular contributions that are described in the Evati “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” article.  The chart is meant to be educational in purpose and is not intended to be indicative of actual returns which will vary based on market conditions and could involve loss of the initial investment principal.

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