We all have our spending habits. Some people buy coffee every day on their way to work. Other people go out for lunch a few times every week. These purchases you’re making on a whim may seem insignificant, but they can add up very quickly over time. If you’re looking for a way to make your money go further and live the life that you’ve been dreaming about, then consider these 5 savings hacks that can help you achieve even your most ambitious financial goals.

It All Starts with A Goal

Money saving hacks can always help, but they’re even more useful if you’re saving for a specific goal. So, the first thing you should probably do is—you guessed it—create a goal. Dreaming about taking exotic trips with friends is fun, but if it’s something you actually want to do then you need to commit to it and make it into a concrete goal. Don’t rule out your most exciting adventures just because they seem financially unreachable; they might be more achievable than you think. Studies show that the simple act of setting a goal can significantly increase your chances of achieving it. Plus, the more exciting and meaningful the goal is to you, the more motivated you’ll be to pass on the impulse purchases and instead turn them into frequent contributions toward your newly defined ambitions.

How do I define a goal? Good question. New mobile savings apps make it easy to create a goal and contribute towards it as often as you want. So, if you are looking for a way to conveniently save for that Caribbean getaway, consider downloading a savings app like Evati. That way, every time you opt for a less expensive purchase or resist making it all together, you can reward yourself by putting that money toward your dream beach vacation instead. There are lots of less expensive alternatives to many of the unplanned purchases we make every day. Think about where your money is going on and how you can start boosting your savings instead. Below are 5 easy ways to get saving without giving up a whole lot.

1. Skip the Coffee

A latté on your way to work may not seem like much but add them up and you may find you have a $20 or $30 per week habit. That’s more than $1,000 per year! Make coffee at home before you leave for work or simply opt for a regular cup of joe and put your savings each day into an investment account to help you reach the goals that really matter to you.

2. Rent a Movie Instead of Going to the Theater

Going to the movies these days is a major expense. Per ounce, movie popcorn can cost more than filet mignon. Even if you skip the snacks, a movie ticket is a pricey treat itself. Renting or downloading a movie instead can instantly save a nice chunk of change to put towards taking a trip to see Hollywood in person instead.

3. Buy Generic Instead of Brand Name

A simple way to achieve your savings goals faster is to opt for less expensive products. Generic products cost less than brand names, but often offer the same quality. Why spend extra money when you don’t need to? Set the pricey brands aside and pay yourself the difference.

4. Make Lunch Instead of Buying a Sandwich

Just grabbing a sandwich or a salad for lunch adds up over time. Prepare your own lunch at home and instantly put the savings towards your goal so you don’t spend it on something else. What’s better, your dream vacation or another sandwich from the same place you’re probably tired of anyway?

5. Dine In Instead of Out

Of course it’s nice to treat yourself to dinner out sometimes, but don’t make it a habit. Try making dinner at home more often. You could save hundreds of dollars a month and, once you put those dollars to work in a savings app, you may soon find yourself eating at a café in Paris instead.

Set a Goal and Start Routine Saving

With Evati, it is easy to turn avoiding an impulse purchase into a contribution towards whatever you are saving for. Every time you resist an unnecessary purchase, reward yourself with a contribution toward one of your savings goals. Making small but regular contributions while earning interest and dividends over time will help you reach your goals faster. Ready to trade in your latté habit for the vacation of your dreams? Download the Evati app today!