For some, being an adult is simply a number. For many more, being an adult is a state of mind. Adults have additional responsibilities and manage their lives in a different way.

If you’re trying to kill it at this adulting thing, then you might be wondering what actually makes you an adult. Is it a number in your bank account, a certain position within your company, or a receding hair line? Instead of guessing, here is a handy checklist of questions to tell you when you’ve finally made it as a finically responsible adult poised for a successful future.

Do You Pay Yourself First?

One surefire sign of being an adult is paying yourself first. Saving money on a regular basis may seem like a small task today, but the long term implications can be huge. Spend a few moments playing with a retirement income calendarto see how much money you will need to retire and how much your savings can add up over time.

You’re probably thinking, “I have bills, student loans, rent, and car payments! I can’t afford to start saving or investing now!” While it may be hard to set aside a big chunk of money each month, starting with small amounts can help you build a saving mentality and get you started on the road to a better financial future.

Do You Create and Stick to a Budget?

Ask almost anyone and they will tell you the importance of having a budget. Despite that, a recent study found that only 41% of Americans actually create and follow a monthly budget.

Without a budget it can be hard to set goals and stick to them. Budgeting also helps you identify areas where you may be spending money unnecessarily. If you find you are using credit cards to cover monthly expenses or running out of spending money early in the month, then creating a budget is one of the best ways to start getting costs under control.

Do You Know Your Worth?

Previous generations used to remain with the same employer for many years. Today, people will change jobs several timesby their early 30s. While you don’t need to find a new employer to maximize your earnings, you should always be assessing your value as an employee and looking for opportunities to increase your salary. Earning more money allows you to pay down debt faster and start saving more aggressively.

The ultimate goal of maximizing your earnings is to reach your financial goals earlier. Whether you want to retire earlier, travel the world or buy your dream home, saving early and often will make those goals much more attainable.

Do You Have Specific Goals?

Saving is difficult if you don’t know what you’re saving for. Setting goals and then taking time to regularly reassess those goals is one of the most important parts of being an adult.

As your life continues to change, so will your dreams. Set specific goals but be flexible to ensure life gives you everything you have dreamed of. As you learn, you can continue to keep checking off the boxes on your money checklist. Using Evati,you can set customized goals, track your goals, and start saving toward those goals for as little as $1 per month.