Professionally Managed Investments

People work hard for their money. Saving and investing should be easy. That’s why Evati takes user experience seriously while also doing everything possible to ensure their customers have rigorously designed investment portfolios, regardless of whether they seek short-term savings goals or long-term portfolios with 20+ year time horizons. The allocation shown below is an example of the type of asset allocation the Evati investment algorithms could target thought a strategy of purchasing a mix of broad based Exchange Traded Funds (or ETFs).

Behind Evati’s simple and intuitive app and easy to understand questions are powerful financial models and algorithms. Evati employs those tools, through its investment advisory subsidiary, Evati Advisory Services, LLC, to determine what kinds of investments are appropriate for particular investors.

Evati Advisory then directs those investments into diversified model portfolios that are regularly monitored to help ensure they remain well-positioned and risk aware as the market changes.